A Friendship with Benefits

Owk let’s see what is about to spring off of my fingertips.

But first a little advertising for the artist in me:

Second thank you for visiting my blog.

And welcome !

This article will not be translated in other languages just because English feels so natural…

This is my go-to language whenever I get creative. Let’s say 95% of the time (sometimes Italian, French or Spanish come to my mind as well but… It is very occasional).

But this is not what you came for. Let’s get down to business.

A few weeks ago I sent a Direct Message to an influencer on Instagram asking him to be my alibi.

I meant it. As I receive more and more relationship invitations and pictures and even videos. That I avoid clicking on now: I know better -

Because Aerin is a nickname let’s say, and Lovisa Paola is my other identity, Lovisa Thor is my Artist name and when I dance or sing I vibe so high, I touch the sky. Daughter of the Sun among the Stars: this is the feeling.

I am getting beside the very point of this article. Anyways.

This person I contacted answered me very directly: Excite me.

To which I responded with bewilderment and surprise (this is what got me I think, to be honest: surprise. And his f*cking bloody Ocean Eyes but don’t tell him he knows).

Also interesting fact: the first 24 hours after our conversation my mind went overboard - it was clearly off limits. Imagining all sorts of scenario that I had to watch patiently and hit the “clear off” button in my mind whenever possible. I was at work, doing my desk 9 to 5 job while all of this was happening and it was good sports trust me on that one. It was the kind of scenario that have men run away, except for some hard core stuff that came to mind. I mean, I did not even know what Bondage was before meeting him (and he did not say a word about it. It just came to my mind and wikipedia could not be clearer). But I am not describing things linearly… Sh*t.

The bondage thing came to mind after checking out some fellow artist’s Instagram. He clearly knows that stuff (even though I did not look at it for this. He does other stuff too which I won’t describe because it is a surprise).

Wondering how true all that is by now huh?

Per-fect. Maybe this is just another story of mine,

Just like when I was in Barcelona 3 years ago or so,

Experimenting with dear Life and… TELLING STORIES wildly publicly using LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Good times are also hard but so rewarding.

What else could I invent.

This man. He is like the hundredth coat of icing on the cake. Clearly perfect for me. Yesss, for now.

And funny fact: his name matches my street name. And street art in the neighborhood refers to his name. And then other street art says “Bee Mine” “T’aime” (id est Love You) and other things. It got my mind on fire for a couple of days and then I told him: ok we need to stop.

Which did not happen because I chose to trust myself and the universe on that one. (He actually said ok I understand let’s stop. And somehow it did not stop).

Sounds like a movie right? It is not even close to the end.

There are 3 rule between the 2 of us. Which I set after 2 or 3 days of deep conversations.

1) Can’t remember the first. Oh well wild guess: what’s between him and I is nothing more than Sex. With a distance so, the crazy thing is we did not even meet yet - yeah I know. He is some product of my imagination ;)

2) I do not want to know his personal past life nor did I want to tell him mine. Too off limits and I know me: I get so marshmallow with people’s stories. Or rather: I used to. I am compassionate in silence. Won’t shed tears now.

3) No strings attached. Meaning this is an exclusive one time thing however I am a buddhist christian who practices non attachment daily by now.

1) and 3) are respected, and he respects the 2) very easily but I don’t for the second one. I had BIG break throughs lately and my emotions dictated me to spill the beans about some of my not so easy past. To which he had the best answer: listening and saying “everybody has got a past”/ I mean: how sweet adorable and f*cking good it felt. I cannot describe. Won’t bother to actually.

It’s like talking to somebody who gets you, and no subject is off limits. Even though he does not know half of my world and it is good just the way it is. Information overload is not recommended. And I do not know most things about him either anyways. It keeps him so hot.

Oh! Sh*t. I did not say what I sent him to “excite” him (and failed miserably at first haha).


First a picture who could have been me but… I’ll allow you to guess right:

Instagram @martinedericheville

Instagram @martinedericheville

It was good but not enough as I did not confirm it is actually me on there. It could… or it may not be. Won’t say.

Second I sent a painting from a French artist:

Luxe Calme et Volupté - at first I thought of sending a Baudelaire poem and then I found this gem

Luxe Calme et Volupté - at first I thought of sending a Baudelaire poem and then I found this gem

And third I sent a song,

Because doing this with him meant moving forward. Giving up on something or rather somebody I care so much for but… It is not meant to be I know it. In my soul I know now. We’ll do business together as soon as he comes to see my new YouTube channel. Good bye S. I tried. I made such a fool of myself and I give up. Now. The pendulum was wrong and I think I did not believe really because… it mislead me all of the time. But I kept going because the mystery made me go to unexpected lengths. Lose me. Find me again. Thank You Barcelona.

The song:

Ok the rest is meant to remain private because I respect our privacy.

And you' won’t know how true this whole story is up until… Who knows??

Even the pendulum would not answer this.

God is love.

God is fair.

God is inside each and every one of us.

Life bless You dear Reader,

Thank you!

All the best from

Aerin Lovisa Paola Thoreau

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Mistress to Tsar Nicolas II before her wedding. Prima Ballerina Assoluta and Dance School Owner.